Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Already?

I'm really not sure where this week has gone - crazy fast, pseudo busy - all those little things that don't seem to take up much calendar space, but are spaced just right to take up your day and before you know it the day is gone.

Last weekend was soccer-free, we hardly knew what to do with ourselves.  We sort of wandered around in a daze, with a lack of focus tossed in for good measure and ended up doing mostly nothing.  I did manage to do this. . .

I combined one of the sketches from the class 28 Days of Sketches by Lisa Day over at Big Picture and then a May LOAD challenge.  The sketch is pretty much verbatim - needed to do that to try and get past this creative bump and then the challenge was about using embellies, trendy ones - which I interpreted to mean JUST USE THEM, wuss.  Embellies are my achilles heel - just struggle with using them in any great amount or variety (though in my head I use a ton.  Perfectly.)  So this was a stretch for me, sad as it is - five blooms and five flower brads (with brad centers, I might add) and one sticker - geez.  I know, you can laugh.  I was pretty psyched about my visual triangle that happened without me really trying, with the orange bowling balls in the pictures.  This layout brings my grand total for the month to . . .drum roll. . .ONE!  Though if any of the projects I helped with for the kids counts, then I'm a little higher.

Well, I've got one almost-graduated 8th grader home in full slug mode, the toddler always running on "go" and have to get ready to serve hot lunch, the last of the year.  We've also got two soccer tournaments this weekend.  Naturally, one is at one complex and the other is spread out over three complexes all over the Denver Metro area.  Luckily in the seven scheduled games we have only one game conflict between the two boys and then one game that is now at the same time as my daughter's graduation Mass - so her brother will miss that, but make the reception.  We lucked out on the schedules this time.  Hopefully, we'll escape the storms that roll through here about game time.

Speaking of storms, my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the horrid storms that have literally blown through the country this week:  Joplin, Kansas and Oklahoma.  The images are simply unbelievable.  We have family in the Overland Park area, and while they were only two miles from those tornadoes, they are all well.

Take care!

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