Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ah. . .Another Review

It's another day, my boys' first full day and my daughter is in her first "Blue Block" day.  It's amazing how quiet it is and how much less whining there is by the toddler when he's by himself.  Hmmm. . . .It's also supposed to be another scorcher.  SURPRISE!  not.  Which means it was another day up at 6:00 a.m.  Lunches were made, chores were done (I think.  I need to check my list) and I was dressed by 9:00 a.m.  I don't expect this to last, but it is nice for the time being.

Over the summer, while I didn't post about it monthly, I did keep my 2011 Goals in the back of my head.  Let's see how I did - and since August is almost to the end, I'll include it too. 
  • Eating/Meal Planning - as I predicted, with the lack of chaos in our summer schedule there was no meal planning.  Add the heat that sucked any appetite right out of me and there wasn't a whole lot of thoughtful cooking either.  I'll have to get back on track right quick though, people working hard at school and sports get more hungry than lazy slug people.

    As for my own eating - eh, some weeks were better than others.  Luckily the same heat that makes it too hot to make meals also means it's too hot to make sweets.  Well, except for the luscious homemade ice cream that was almost a constant in our freezer.  That alone probably undid any effort I made at healthy eating - the top four ingredients?  Cream, Heavy Cream, Full Fat Milk and Sweetened Condensed Milk, which when combined with ice cream toppings (what?  Ice cream without toppings?) and well, there you have it.  I mean if you're already up to your neck, might as well dunk all the way under!
  • Walking -  I believe I've mentioned the heat.  And the humidity.  If fall comes quickly I may be able to salvage this goal.
  • Organizing - little bits and spots over the summer.  Sold off a lot of items on eBay, which cleared a spot, or sort of cleared it out, in the basement.  I've hit a couple cupboards in the kitchen.  The dishwasher's leak (did I mention the new one we got a week ago is already broken) forced the cleaning out of that cupboard.  Unfortunately, a broken valve on the water heater that sprayed down the big storage room in the basement undid any progress on organization in there because we just grabbed things being sprayed and shoved them out of the way.  Since the valve has been fixed, I haven't been back in there.  The big peninsula counter in the kitchen has been cleared and is mostly staying that way.  Kids' bedrooms are about 50/50.  The moving of the toddler from crib to twin bed sort of forced the cleaning of his room, though his closet is a disaster.  The older boys' room was also rearranged so that they could actually make their beds - they now have even less floor space so they have to keep up on the room.  My daughter's bed went to the toddler and she has a new full.  Unfortunately, I can't say this has made her room any better.  Anyone with ideas on how to get a teenager to clean their room?
  • Me Time - I made my way out for a little cropping here and there.  Escaped behind my iPod.  Sat down to eat breakfasts and enjoyed flipping through the stacks and stacks of magazines I've got in the family room.  Otherwise, summer is a tricky time to try and get personal space, let alone personal time.
  • Studio Space - I didn't spend a ton of time down here, but I did make a fair amount of progress when I was working on it specifically.  I weeded down the piles I made from the top of my desk and then sorted those out and either put the items away, trashed them or set in the giveaway box.  I brought down some work stuff that will live here now.  I have semi-clear desktop and cube tops.  I sorted out both the cupboards above my desk; one will continue to just be storage of memorabilia, odd photos and calendars (I keep my yearly calendars) and the other holds what few stamps I do have and all that paraphernalia - though I don't like how it is in there and need to figure something out.  My kits await me - EEK.  And I have giant box of giveaway or eBay stuff.  I feel pretty good about it - though it doesn't look so great right now, but I see the progress and the open spots of desk.  IKEA is now open here - can I get a WOOHOO - and so Phase II can now commence.
It wasn't a bad summer in terms of getting things done.  I have a little more than four months to either get in the habit or get it done!  Stay tuned.

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