Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School!

The end of summer - at least as far as my kids are concerned.  It's the first day of school.  Bring on the early morning starts, the making lunches, the shoving, pushing and nagging to do any number of tasks - get your lunch, get your backpack, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, get your shoes on, go to the car - not necessarily in that order, but guaranteed to be heard every morning from now until Christmas Break. 

I headed off with my 9th grader this morning for her first day in High School.  She was excited, though a little anxious she wouldn't find her classrooms or get her locker open.  I told her by the end of the week, she'll wonder why she was worried.  She also starts volleyball practice every day after school.  I figured it out, on practice days she's at school for 11 hours, on games days 12.  I'm sorry, that's just insane.  I then came home and grabbed the two older boys to head them off to their first days - one 7th grader and one 5th grader. 

I'm still processing the whole, High Schooler, Junior Higher, Elementary Schooler - deal.  The two different schools-deal.  The having a toddler with all this - the math on that alone causes me to shut down.  The where did the time go - deal.  There's too many deals, maybe I'll just get my coffee and go back to bed.

But before I go curl up in the fetal position, check out what Kristi did with Augusts' Smaller than a Breadbox kit, the Echo Park line.  Kristi's tip:  repeat a stamp over and over on your page for some added emphasis.  Great layout, Kristi - thank you for the inspiration.

The boys only have a half day, so I guess I should figure out how to take advantage of the time.  Chores?  Laundry? Sleep?  I'm not sure. . .check in again to see what I did.

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