Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday Inspiration

In this corner freshly baked, homemade, chocolate chip cookies.  And in this corner, one far too inquisitive, far too tall, five month old puppy. . . LLLLEETTT'S GET READY TO RUUUMMMMBBBLLEEE! 

Five dozen cookies go in. . .only two dozen come out.

Puppies and Cookies shouldn't mix, it wasn't going to be pretty.  The mixing up of these two species makes for one very angry, very fouled-mouth baker.  Enter, Hydrogen Peroxide and "the watch."  A few minutes later the puppy is better, the baker is still in a foul mood!

To perk up, the baker is checking out the fabulous work of the August Guest Designer, Kristi Bergin-Smith.

Kristi has these tips:  "On this page I really wanted to cut out part of the patterned paper to encircle the 'birthday' word on the other piece of paper so I decided to "fill" the hole left with more paper...then I traced around with a white pencil."
  • Add your own journal lines to a piece of pattern paper that already has a shape to create a nice journal spot. 
  • Lightly ink your corrugated pieces for a weathered look.
  • Draw crazy mixed up lines and patterns on your alpha letters (these are Thickers) to make them different.

Hope your day is going better!

Happy Tuesday.


jengd said...

My sympathies for you and your cookies. :) My folks had a bassett. The things that he ate... earrings, 1lb chocolate bars, motor oil (we never figured that one out), mice that got away from the cat, the parts of mice the cat wouldn't eat, balloons... ugh.

Lori said...

LOL - I was soooo ticked off! It was stinkin' hot - again - and I had the oven going for yummy cookies for my kids.

This is my first non-bassett, so I'm well aware of their stealthyness. We had one eat a whole large pizza in about 15 minutes...we found her, ballooned belly, laying under the table, box on the floor, legs all spread out and breathing a touch heavy. Dang, I miss the bassetts, with them you're just naturally on guard! LOL