Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Heat is On

The heat is back - ick.  I knew I shouldn't have enjoyed the reprieve so much.  BUT my chores are done for the day - even cleaned the blinds in the family room.  Gross.   Wait, almost done, I have plans to straighten up down hear.  I think it's why I can't concentrate when I'm trying to work -- the clutter!  Yeah, that's it, it's the clutter's fault.

I baked a Butter Braid at 6:30 this morning to avoid heating the kitchen.  I thought about a retake of the cookies, but felt that it was too late; the kitchen was already heating up.  I may look for a no-bake recipe later.  For now I'm ensconced down in my office, with the toddler, who is looking innocent, which means he's guilty of something I've yet to discover.

Before we close out August, I need to show you the last of Kristi's fantastic work!  Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration.  Kristi is great at mixing elements from one month's kit, and this layout does that.

From Kristi, "This is the last page I got made and mixed up the kits...again."
  • Put stickers on paper and cut out...then pop them up with a 3D glue dot!
  • I also like to use the page inserts that come with the page protectors to glue my scrapbook page too when I sew. I use Fabritac glue and place a little on the back of my page (especially on my stitches) and glue down. I feel that this gives my page strength and protects the stitches. You will notice that I also round my corners on the outside of my page sometimes when I do this.
  • This page has a long story attached to it about how my husband saw this place on that TV Show "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" and the story was just too long for a journaling spot so I wrote it on a full sheet of notebook paper and attached to the back of the page.

The heat is also on for a number of deadlines that are suddenly upon me. Dangit! So, nose to the grindstone today. Wish me luck.

Stay tuned starting tomorrow for September's month-long challenge:  4 Sketches, 20 Days.  Pages. Fun. Prizes.

Happy Wednesday.