Monday, August 15, 2011

Geez. . .2 Weeks?

I did mention that month-long challenges do take their toll, but I don't know where two weeks went!  Sorry 'bout that.  Though I have thought of another month-long challenge that will more than likely start in September.

Let's see a short recap:  soccer practices in full swing, older boys at various but separate sleepovers, a son - a scooter - a crash, a dishwasher and water where water shouldn't be (in my studio), new daily chore: hand-washing of dishes, volleyball two-a-days, sorting-billing-shipping, one soccer tournament - two boys - three days - eight games, too much driving, too much running, too much heat, too many chores left undone.

And now here we are on the last week before school starts.  Before I have one kid in elementary school, one in Jr. High and one in High School.  High School?  Crap. . . am I really here, with a kid in High School?  If I really want to get myself going I have a High Schooler and a Toddler and a couple in between.

I need something less freaky to think about.  How 'bout the August kits.  If you're already on autoship you should see your kit today or tomorrow.  If you aren't on autoship, I have a couple left, and there's one with your name on it, just begging to come live with you; simply buy it outright.  Or buy at the autoship price which will enroll you in autoship so you're sure to get September's kit.

Just take a peek at what you can do with the Smaller than a Breadbox for August.  Guest Designer Kristi Bergin-Smith created this fun layout using the Lily Bee line and the Recipe for August.

I need to get my butt back on track - so before the volleyball tryouts, before the soccer practice, before shopping for school supplies - I need to get my chores going.  So, I'm off.

Happy Monday!

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