Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm Stuck and I Can't Get Back Up . ..

Or something along those lines.

I think I'm stuck.  Or I hit the wall.  Or I've spent too much time sorting.  Or I just don't know what to do next.  Every been here?  Cruisin' along just great on a project and then WHAMO, a squeal of breaks and the smell of burned rubber and BOOM. . .you're at a dead stand still. 

I'm sitting here looking around me at a semi-complete studio space. . .Goal #5 on your score card. . .and I've tried to start back up and in and I just end up spinning.  I move things around here and there.  Push some stuff.  Pile some stuff.  Attempt to resort or whatever and yet nothing has changed.

Here's what I see, maybe you can help crack the code and get me moving. . .I feel SO close.  Starting on my right I have my kits, in two crates and a basket that need to be sorted - some have been used and I don't think I'll squeeze anything else out of them, so I'll toss the paper and sort the embellies.  I have those partially used - same thing, pull the unused and sort out the rest.  Then there are the never touched, or yet to be touched.  Next my cubes, they've been cleared, cleaned and re-purposed to hold kids' memorabilia.  The top is mostly cleared off, save a layout that needs a title.  I have one large drawer that used to hold hanging folders that is totally empty.  I have one cube holding empty albums and one cube holding kits (see above in terms of kits.)  My spinner-hanger-thing is filled with stickers sheets and alphas and has been gone through.  It sits on top of a 3-drawer unit that holds completed layouts which need to be taken upstairs in put into their respective albums - or maybe just shoved into any album at this point - the drawers are F-U-L-L.

Behind me a couple of baskets filled with photos, which I'm hoping and praying are in the "layouts done" category so the pictures just need to be filled into storage boxes - I see this as blizzard weather activity.  Also behind me is my "tech center" or so it's become.  My printers, scanner and inks sit there.  Nothing needs to be done except make it prettier.

Deep breath in. . .slowly let it out AAANNNDD. . . to  my left, my main work station.  I have a way too large pile of AS paper work that needs doing.  It needed doing a long time ago, but I hate paper work and so there it is.  I have my small cubbies which hold all my containers of embellies - these were resorted, relabeled and refilled as I cleared off the desk top.  Next are several piles from the last sort. . .stamps that need selling or they maye they just need to go.  My Project 365 that needs pictures printed to complete, or do I just stop where I stopped and be okay with that.  Maybe take a big red marker and put the circle with the slash through the "365" part.  Next pile, Christmas cards started . . . what . . . three, four years ago; they could go out this year they just need a sentiment.  Next a big stack of frames and some loose photos (I'm afraid to look at the photos for fear they are the un-scrapables.)  A small carousel that holds my pens just needs a quick going through to see who still works and whose a dried up old hag.   A couple small drawer units that hold misc. office supplies that have been gone through.  On the floor is my giveaway box - at this point it's so full I don't think I'll even mess with eBay, I'll let the kindergartners have at it.

On top of that large work space I have a couple cupboards, one that holds my stamps and all that crap (which I've already said needs more work cause I don't like how it's jumbled in there) and the other holds old photos and other memorabilia boxes.  Both have been cleared and cleaned.  On the top of the cupboard I have my magazines that need going through - most will probably go, my perpetual card files (LOL, like I make cards!!), and a metal frame that used to hold a recently finished page I could admire for a while.  It's a tad dusty and sits too high to enjoy something anyway.  I also have stashed up there family memorabilia, which EPIPHANY, I think will go in the large unused drawer.

So there you go.  That's it.  I feel so close to done and it looks 1,000 times better (I'll have photos later), but it's still cluttered.  I have a feeling part of my problem is that I need my shelving unit to put my sorted kits into.  To put my knick-knacks and small gadgets on - like my Zyron and Bind-It-All.  But I still feel it should be more. . .finished.  I should be working here.


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Patchi said...

You're doing great -- Remember the 80% rule: it will always be 80% finished, there is just no way around that.

I wrote a post about this years ago, if your interested: