Wednesday, January 11, 2012

One Little Word

I'm a fan and a follower of Ali Edwards (which I'm sure is fairly obvious if you've followed the blog for long) - I enjoy her perspective and the basis for some of my favorite projects are hers.  I'm not the deep thinker that she is, may never be and that's okay, but things I've taken part in, that were spawned from her website have changed my views, or the way I look at things, or just the ability to slow down - even if for a minute.  And, for me, that's the benefit.

Last year I undertook her One Little Word project.  I didn't make an album, or journal about it or even make one layout about.  It was just with me.  My word was Simplicity.  I was semi-successful.  Sort of.  Maybe.  Almost.  The word definitely stuck with me all year long.  It was in my mind as I tackled my other goals for 2011.  It popped up in things I'd read.  Or in things I'd see.  The signs, sometimes literally, were everywhere.  It was something I strove for, sometimes with desperation and sometimes with a quiet acceptance.  Sometimes it seemed totally attainable and sometimes. . .not so much.  But the word was with me all year.

It's funny, I don't pick the words.  I don't look at a list, and close my eyes and point.   I sometimes wonder if I were to look at a list of words, though, if they'd jump out at me, or speak to me.  This year's and last year's were just words that, for lack of a better way, came to me.  They floated in and took root. 

My word for this year is Permission.  I'm sure it will change and morph over the year in terms of its meaning and what I want from it (or what the word ends up wanting from me).  Permission, in all its forms, is a difficult thing for me to give and to receive.  It should be interesting.

Do you have a Little Word for this year?  I'd love to hear what it is.  If you're not familiar with the project go check out Ali's website.  She also has a corresponding class at Big Picture Classes.

Happy Wednesday.


jengd said...

I took the class last year and I did start the album. However, I've found that I don't do well when I have to take photos that don't interest me so there were a lot of months that I didn't do- "forward" just wasn't something I wanted to try to shoe-horn into photos. However, like you, I definitely kept it in mind. This year I've picked a similar word- "Move" that I'm finding I'm choosing to ignore more than I'd like. :)

Briel said...

My word is enjoy. I've followed along before but this year I'm diving in! I don't feel the pressure to take specific pictures, but I find that the focus on the word regularly is good. I like the idea of incorporating your OLW into passwords for the year. Then you are typing it on a regular basis.

Lori, talk about permission...

JLP said...

For the first time ever, I am doing the one word project. I am not taking the class...let's face it, it took me this long to just pick a word!:) My word also floated in and took root. It is smile. This year I am going to smile more, and do more to encourage the smile of others. Thanks for the post!