Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday, Cooking...not so much and a Traditional Layout

Yeah, it's Friday night, instead of day.  What can I say - between the trying to get back on track since coming home, you know like doing dishes, cooking (I cooked one meal this week.  ONE.), or even the laundry (which made it no further into the house than the laundry room - almost a week ago) and car shopping, I'm struggling with the household scene.  

So I took this morning to get my house under control, or more get myself back into my routines.  Started laundry - I'm pretty sure there are people in the house in need of underwear.  We made a jaunt out to a dealership to have a lookie at another car.  And dinner was moved up to 4:30, which was Papa Murphy's (another no cook night) so various hockey-crazed family members could hit the High School State Semi-finals.  Go Mustangs!

I'm happy to say the washer and dryer are happily working away.  Leftovers are cleared away, which means there's actually something in the 'fridge.  Bedrooms are mostly set to rights.  Luggage is empty and awaiting transport back to the store room.  And the various "drop-points" in the house are almost clutter-less.

It is with high hopes that I can play a little over the weekend.  I'm in need it of it.  I created this traditional layout two weekends ago using the We R Family line from Lily Bee found in the January Bigger than a Breadbox kit.

So from this line I created one Project Life® 2013 page, this traditional layout and then a couple cards.  I can't remember exactly what's left of the kit, but probably a bit of paper and and a couple embellies.  I still have the Fancy Pants line from this kit, but I'm holding it for PL pages, unless I can dig out or print some winter photos for a traditional page.  We'll see which comes up first.  But I'm wanting to move on to February kits.

I said I cooked only once this week - which if you follow you know how that is not how we roll.  It was not the best of weeks for food here with no menu plan, an empty 'fridge and not a lot of staples in the pantry.  I did manage to have the ingredients for Cheesy Sausage Tortellini.  It's become a quick-to-fix staple which means I've probably posted about it before.  But it's good enough to repeat.

Mountains of laundry that rival those in my own backyard are calling my name, as are several other must-do's, including some time with something crafty.

Happy Friday,

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