Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Day #11

Did everyone survive Valentine's Day?  Get anything fun?  Enjoy a evening as a family?  Or go out just you and the spouse?  Whatever you did I hope it was enjoyable. 

My evening seemed to fly by.  Probably because when I wasn't dashing to grab kids, or flying into the kitchen in an attempt to get dinner on the table before people had to leave (which failed, we had three separate dinner "seatings"), or zooming back out to get son #2 to soccer conditioning, I sat catatonic on the couch.  Do you have those moments where there's just too much to think about and/or do that you end up doing nothing?

That was my evening. . .unfortunately, that means I also didn't make more cards. . .which is starting to bug me.  But here is the one from a couple nights ago; it needs to become my spring board.  I am determined to not head into week three with cards left to make from week two.  LOL, this is why exercise doesn't stick with me either. . .miss a day and it all falls apart.

I had a question yesterday for Bingo Card holders - this week you won't be using your Bingo Card.  We will use them again before the end of the month.  Today's challenge is to create a floral embellishment for your page.  There are tons of adorable floral tutorials out there:  swirls, layers, felt, paper.  Find one, or if you already have some, create one.  A quick search on Pinterest found THESE (I may need to start a new Pin Board), but I know YouTube has some as well. 

Go learn something new.

Happy Wednesday.


Donna Nuce said...

I got my kit today and wow! there was a surprise in it! Thank you! I love your choice of papers and embellishments.

Lori said...

And what's the surprise???

Deanna said...

Added my link, "Egg Coloring Zone"

Alison Day said...

Added my link - I'm combining days 9 and 11 onto this one challenge! :)