Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And we're back...

Remember that whole Love/Hate Technology post I had a couple weeks ago. . .yeah, leaning a bit more heavily on the "hate" side.  We've "enjoyed" severe Internet connectivity issues in my house over the last couple weeks, which isn't good when hubby has a home-based office and momma runs an Internet business.  We think...think...it has been resolved.

I won't attempt to catch-up on all the activities, food cooked and whatever else we've done in the past couple weeks in any detail, even if I could remember it.  I will, however, provide you with a photo trip of some of the highlights.

Wrapped up a few more Phone Photography shots:  Day 30 - Summer Reading

Day 32 - Quintessential Summer Shot

Pinterest recipes continue.  Cherry Rhubarb pie.  I made a traditional 9" pie, the recipe called for a 7", so my filling didn't quite pile up like the photo - but it was awesome nonetheless!

Checking out a Broncos scrimmage from our seats at the 50 yard line, five rows up!  And then severe weather totally rolled on in.  Totally uninvited. :(

New Sunday morning tradition? 

Sunday Farmer's Market (photos and collage courtesy my 16 y.o. daughter)

Jammin' at the free concert in the park - The Country Music Project

Dinner and a drink from Fuzzy's - Chocolate Covered Cherry-rita.  Oh my!

Second Saturday street fair in Olde Town.  Food, vendors, music by The Indulgers - Irish Rock/Folk.  Awesome!

Olde Town Square after the street fair.

School supply shopping.  Much less painful when the kids can read their own lists!

Will miss this goof-ball during the day, as he's heading for all-day Kindergarten.

We are on the countdown to school starting next Monday for three of the four.  My daughter, with no holding back on the gloating, is happy to inform her brothers she doesn't start until Tuesday.  With luck by Friday she will also be driving herself and her brother to school on a regular basis.  Part of me is relishing the freedom in not dragging her butt around town and part of me is terrified that she is now in control of a 2,000 pound moving missile.  I've been in the passenger seat.  I've seen what she misses or misjudges.  My prayers now take on a new focus.

I'll work on salvaging some challenges for August - we are, after all, only half way through. :)

Happy Tuesday,

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