Thursday, October 2, 2014

Powder Puff. . .It Ain't for Sissies

Yesterday were the long-awaited Powder Puff games for Homecoming Week.  I was impressed.  There were eight teams of at least 20 girls per team.  Each team would play three games.

I knew from the weather forecasts that it was likely going to be raining and cool.  I could see it coming . . . we got the full driving rain, downpour thing around 3:00; kick-offs were to start at 3:30. The games were postponed until 4:00, when, as only Colorado can do, the clouds parted, blue skies reigned and the temps were perfect.

That is until about mid-game game one.  Then we noticed really low (like you could almost touch them) very fast moving clouds scuttling in.  The winds picked up. . .a lot.  I had tossed in warmer clothes for the 6 y.o., told my daughter about the expected weather and to take some long-sleeved gear.  I also told my 15 y.o. he might want warmer stuff in my car since it was 80's Work-Out day and he was dressed in Day-Glo short shorts, a matching Day-Glo sleeveless t-shirt and lovely, Day-Glo tube socks. . .not exactly gear for rain and cold.  Luckily, they both listened to me.  The bad thing, it wasn't enough.  Not nearly enough for the weather that blew in.   (It took until mid-night to get my feet warm.)

The wind was what did us in.  It just cut clean through us.  I can't imagine the girls. . .mostly in shorts and their t-shirts.  Some had prepared, and those who had, quickly donned their longer gear.  Those who didn't still played on, and huddled together off the field.  Even the "cheerleaders" braved the cold.  For the record though, the only remaining "cheerleader" at the end of all three games, was the one here on top of the pyramid. . .and he was seriously "workin' it."  He was a team unto himself!

If I attended a Powder Puff game when I was in High School, I sure don't remember it.  I know I didn't play.  Those girls. . .well the game isn't for sissies.  They were hard hitting, tough and in at least one case out for blood, as evidenced by the one girl who came up with a wad of tissue stuffed up her nose.

My daughter played center.  She threw picks like I couldn't believe.  She fumbled once.  She had a touchdown where she fought her way over the goal line - flags intact.  And those girls on the other team did their best to make sure she didn't cross.  She has the battle scar to prove it; a giant weltyraspberry on her thigh to show for her score.  It looks like someone's shoe raked across it.  She's bruised and sore, but she is high on the game and proud of her performance.

Ultimately, they won only one (their last game) of their three games and came in seventh. They came back from a 30-0 deficit in the first, to finish 36-22.  They led going into the half of their second game, but lost 36-20.  And won their third 36-24 (I think. . .I'd have to ask her for sure.)

Her only regret was that she didn't play last year.

Happy Thursday,

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