Friday, December 5, 2014

Get Going and Get Eating

I'm off to a start, a slow one, but a start nonetheless.  You know what's a good wake up. . .a blood draw.  Nothing like being stuck with a needle first thing in the morning, before coffee, to get you moving.  Fun stuff.  Stupid insurance.

I came home to survey the list of things to-do.  I should actually make a list, but all that needs doing is pretty much in front of me.  I did a little with the tree last night and have determined to do 15-30 minutes at a time today in the hopes that it's finished before St. Nick arrives tonight.  I've got linens rolling around in the washer.  I've sort of wrangled the Christmas things I don't want up here into a heap to take back downstairs later.  Before the first freeze a couple months ago, I hung up a bunch of herbs to dry and took those down and stored them away. 

Left to do:  wrap the Giving Tree stuff, clear the kitchen desk, deal with the jumble of shoes that seem to multiply in the hallway.  Find a good place to store the hall rug for the holidays.  Fold a basket of miscellaneous laundry.  In prep for the Christmas Eve gathering, I need to take down the toy basket and dog kennel from the dining room.  I've got dinner to deal with and I'm looking to make a Kuchen for dessert.  Maybe.

Speaking of food, I was oddly unmotivated to cook this week, but I managed to make this really good Cheesy Ham Chicken and Rice Casserole.  Gooey.  Cheesy.  That crunch of wild rice.  Yum.  I should have used fresh grated Parmesan, it would have melted much better.  I didn't use Cream of Whatever soup, opting to go with my usual substitute.  I also opted not to buy the Uncle Ben's or Rice A Roni Wild Rice, but instead found this Boxed Wild Rice Substitute.  A couple notes on the Wild Rice sub:  1) I didn't add any parboiled white rice - it was strictly wild rice.  It took longer to cook; for me it was almost double.  2) Because of the cook time, I might add the seasoning halfway through, instead of at the beginning.  It was pretty cooked out.  The recipe makes a bulk amount of the seasoning - I quartered it for this time around.

I made these Mexican Stuff Peppers on In-Law Dinner night.  They were okay.  The recipe had the option of pre-cooking the rice or adding it in the filling dry.  I debated, and went with the dry choice, but I knew once the filling was together there was no way the rice was going to cook.  And it didn't; there wasn't any liquid in the filling.  They had decent flavor, but the filling was a bit too dry for me.  I decided to delete the Pin.  If you want to give them a shot, I'd recommend using salsa (maybe a 1/2 to 1 cup) instead of just diced tomatoes in the filling, and definitely pre-cook the rice.  I'd also put the salsa in the pan instead of marinara sauce.

I have made these Sausage Sliders with Cran-Apple Slaw before.  The kids like them, which is always a plus. I used Colby Jack cheese and left off the lettuce since it has the slaw.  Instea of store-bought, I made these  40-minute Hamburger Buns to go with them.  It's a quick recipe, that for me, takes about a cup or more of flour than the recipe states.

The High School Hockey season kicked off earlier this week.  They are the two-time defending State Champs and won their first game.  Their second is tonight, so I guess we know where the 17 y.o. will be.  I've got one more for dinner tonight - hubby's brother.  The weekend, however, is fairly empty so there's the hope that I can conquer . . . well something.  Conquer something.

Happy Friday,

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