Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We Are

  • We are three for three in college acceptances - this one being her second top choice.
  • We are enjoying number four in the Outlander series as my constant companion for the next 800+ pages (though as of today, it's about 500-ish pages remaining.)
  • We are not sure Abbott is such a great helper to St. Nick, as much as he's a nuisance.
  • We are the Take Charge Crew. . .all their idea.  
  • We are two on the roof
  • We are not sure we wanted to see the 6 y.o. peeking in through a second floor window!
  • We are finally able to open St. Nick presents, who seems to be quite the RV fan.  Ironic that on a non-school-day celebration, it's still dark when gifts are opened.  This time in the evening, instead of before the crack of dawn.
  • We are taking a moment during the hanging of lights at the grandparent's house
  • We are done with the tree - 6 days, 3 boxes and 100's of ornaments later. Some day I'll count them.
  • We are playing Kings in the Corners for our "Family Game Night" decree from our advent calendar
  • We are thinking the player on the left might be checking out your cards or looking for cookies.  Hard to say.
  • We are raising money for World Vision with a Mismatch Out of Uniform day.

Happy Wednesday,

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wendipooh13 said...

way to go on getting your tree up!!! mine isn't even up yet.. this weekend.. hopefully.. LOVE the pic of him on the roof!!!