Wednesday, December 3, 2014

We Are

I am participating in December Daily again this year.  I post a few images to Instagram and will, eventually, put everything into a book.  Shhh...I still have last year's pics to deal with, and I even picked up album stuff when Archiver's closed their brick and mortars!  Hmmm . . .I see a quick project that might get the totally flat inspiration ball rolling again.  Oh, but hey, they are here on the blog, so that's something.

  • We are Thankful. . .so very thankful.
  • We are bowling with the "Fam."  School family, that is.
  • We are always up for a spectacular sunset.  This one colored everything pink.
  • We are girding up for Family Game Night.
  • We are having a bowl of "chicken flakes" for breakfast?  Then, as much as a 6 y.o. can, cursing the designer who thought using a rooster would be a good word-clue for a beginning reader.
  • We are laughing at the daughter who is still on an Av's game high from the night before, where she watched all her boys win, as she pours herself a "bowl" of cereal, and then realizes what she's done.
  • We are back!
  • We are past Thanksgiving, crank on the 24 Christmas Music channel.
  • We are excited to be asked to light the first week's Advent candle at school.
  • We are hardly able to contain ourselves. . .the Av's, the Canadian's, Corey Price, $20 tickets 10 rows off the ice.  That and four hockey games in the span of a week.  Could heaven be any better?
  • We are listening to this go on in the back seat and are seriously questioning what the high school boys might be teaching the 6 y.o.
  • We are concerned that Abbott has horked down all the cookies and there are none left for school lunches.
Happy Wednesday,

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