Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Snow and Paper Crafts (that aren't mine)

Yep, got the snow. . .sort of.  The storm stalled, slowed down - or so they say.  Dribbled out the forecasted amounts.  In the end, we had maybe six to eight inches of the powdery-on-top-frozen-on-the-bottom white stuff in the yard.  We might have gotten closer to the 12" they were calling for, but what fell first melted before finally sticking.  The roads were pretty sloppy, which means they froze up nicely when the temps dropped.

The school district cancelled events (on Friday afternoon) for over the weekend in prep for the big storm.  We were out on Saturday and it wasn't that bad, but I get it.  The two younger kids got a snow day yesterday, which was totally unnecessary.  The public schools were open - the older two were so happy to head out into the cold and crusted roads - and there was much ranting and gnashing of teeth on social media about schools being open.  People. . .heard of hats and coats?  Boots and mittens?  It's Colorado.  It's winter.  We get snow from time-to-time.  Sometimes we get a lot.  Sometimes not so much.  

Saturday I did hunker down.  I did some paperwork and made good progress.  Sunday we had a family dinner to attend.  I seem to have spent several hundred pages cuddled up with Jamie and Claire, which was more than I was planning.  I had a list in my head and a timer to go with it, "I'm gonna read until 12:30 and then go do x,y,z."  But I'd get to 12:30 and then hit the proverbial "snooze" because I wanted to "just get to the end of this chapter."  So, yeah. . .   

I had hoped to wander down to my studio.  I thought about it.  I actually was down there cleaning up a bit in case we had company.  I wish I could say I did this.  I could have done this . . . 

but Wendi Robinson created it using the February Card Kit.

I also could have pulled this together - the supplies are out on my work table. . .

but Nancy Longo did this one using the February Smaller kit.

I had the thought.  I had the motivation with my PageMaps class sketches.  I just couldn't seem to coordinate the two.  

Happy Tuesday,

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