Wednesday, February 18, 2015

We Are

We are spending our time dealing with a mess of different things:  family that has moved back to Colorado, settling in and looking for a job.  Kids and school.  Getting a college-bound daughter registered for housing, financial aid; still need to get her to apply for grants.  Illnesses.  Testing.  Meetings.  Closets falling down in the middle of the night and pulling everything out of the wall.  Furnaces that seem to have issues.  And just the general chaos and scatter of day-to-day lives.  It's exhausting, but gotta keep the chin up and plug along as best as we can.

  • We are not surprised to find a war zone.  Nor are we surprised that there are only two boxes left for boys laying amid the rubble of picked-over overwhelmingly girl choices.
  • We are seeing this glory as the reward for spending two and a half hours inside a school, learning everything you wanted to know about registration (or not so much because this is your third high schooler attending this school in the last four years.)
  • We are raking in the goodies at the Valentine's party
  • We are enjoying the rare thrill of having big brother in the classroom
  • We are uber impressed with the daughter's ambitious Valentine's for her close friends.  Homemade Fortune Cookies with what she loves about each of her friends tucked inside.
  • We are cutting the packaging (and that's it, I just cut them out) for the above mentioned Fortune Cookies.  It's the closest I've come to crafting in months.
  • We are finding an odd assortment of selfies on my phone of this guy.
  • We are picking up the retreat-ers just as the storm blows in.
Happy Wednesday,

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