Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Stash Busting


A recent trend in paper crafting is library pockets and bags.  Some are plain manila or kraft, some are decorated to match coordinating lines.  Some of the library pockets come with a tag, as do some of the kraft bags.  I know.  I have just sorted out such pockets and bags.  

My usual go to:  use the tag for journaling and plop it on the page.  But what if it's a tag-less pocket or bag?  Or what if I just don't want to do the usual.  Well, it sits in my stash.

I headed out to Pinterest to find inspiration and found it in spades.

This card uses a pocket that could be transferred to a layout.  Minimal decoration around the pocket itself and fill it with hearts, balloons, flowers (you could use a mix of those paper flowers in your stash.)  Mix in buttons or rhinestones and you have a cute embellishment.

Now this popcorn bag is probably a template, but it's simply to show you you can insert memorabilia:  tickets, cards, notes from teachers, notes from kids, grade reports, announcements, newspaper clippings, etc.  You could recreate the look with a kraft bag, some paint or ink and a bit of folding to get the tapered shape.

This layout uses three pockets.  They each hold embellishments and are decorated on the outside.  Want more photos (there is a thumbnail set in the right side pocket), just put photos on the outsides of more than just the one.  Make them smaller so you can keep some of the cute outside embellishing that's going on.  You can even use the pockets as the background and just string four, or so, photos along that whole line.  Add clips from your stash to "hold" the pictures.

Incorporate an envelope and tag into your layout by embellishing it to coordinate with your layout.

Here's a Pocket Page (ie Project Life®) layout that incorporates a kraft bag.  It's minimally embellished and holds card memorabilia.

Just like embellishing pockets, you can embellish kraft bags and include them on your layouts.  You can leave them empty or add photos, memorabilia or journaling.

You can also do a Google or Pinterest search for "Scrapbook Library Pocket" and find templates to create your own and use up some of that patterned paper. ;)

Go.  Create.

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