Thursday, April 7, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

I have mentioned a few times that I am spending time in my basement.  What started as a simple rearranging of the "TV area" branched off into my studio space.  I decided to move around some of my storage cubes, but they were too heavy, so I emptied them of the kits the held.  Looking at the stacks, I thought, "I should organize these" - they were just tossed into whatever cube had space.  But as I started to sort them, I realized there were some that just weren't "me" anymore.  That led me down the sort and purge road.  It's a long, messy road, that I am happily nearing the end of.  

I found kits going back to 2009.  I found kits I had no recollection of buying.  Looking at some paper, I wondered what the appeal could have possibly been.  I should say the the lion's share of my stash of kits is Apron Strings - duh - but, I do, or did, have a few from other places - usually lines I wanted but couldn't work into Apron Strings.

My sort process is quick and deadly.  I've got no problem purging what no longer appeals to me.  I start by pulling out a kit, determine if the paper line has any appeal or use.  By use, for example, my daughter never was  "pink" kinda girl, so there's a lot of flowery lines with a lot of pink and I only need so many.  I also came across some baby lines, and since my, now, 7 y.o. has four pages to his name, I figure I can hold on to those lines.  What is superfluous goes to the kindergartners and/or teachers at the school.  

If the paper line works, the kits stays intact and I sort it into one of several piles.  Right now I have piles that I have no idea if they will work for me.  I may find I'm more creative having them tossed randomly into cubes.  Time will tell.

If the paper is deemed past its usefulness, I put the patterned paper into the giveaway box, the cardstock goes into my stash and the embellishment packs are tossed on a table to be sorted out later.   There have been a few kits that I just can't decide how I feel about them - I can see a use and some of the papers hold appeal - so I've kept them.  For now.  

It is always rather exhilarating to go through your stash and rediscover what you have.  If your time capsule goes back, like mine, it's also quite the trip down memory lane.  These are just of the few of the treasures I found, from companies no longer in the industry.


In order, from left to right and then down:  Imagination Project, Chatterbox, Scrapwerks, KI Memories, Heidi Grace, Flair Scrapbook, Making Memories, Jenni Bowlin (she still produces products, but is in transition), Bazzill, Scenic Route.

Remember any of these?

I'm down to the last couple of stacks before I start trying to put things away.  I feel like I may need to confiscate one of the kids' totes to hold the kits that were never in a cube, but we'll see.  I may have actually purged enough that everything will fit in what I have.  How exciting would that be?

Hmmm. . .I may need to get out more.

Happy Thursday,

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