Wednesday, April 27, 2016

We Are

Just another quiet week.  I was a total bum over the weekend and did little more than what needed doing, like feeding the family and doing only the basic house cleaning necessary to keep from tripping.

  • Is it wrong that I look out the front door just to see these along the front steps?  Or stand by them and take a deep breath of hyacinth-filled air.
  • Why was finding a charcoal grey suit for a little boy so difficult.  For the record, it would seem only one company makes them.  One.
  • Girlie and her "dudes" hit Coors Field (photo cred:  Girlie)
  • It was a beautiful night for a Rockies game, and a win (photo cred:  Girlie)
  • Because Prom is tomorrow night and you don't know how to shine shoes.  When did this become a lost art?
  • Hitting the Boy Scout Show where your pack was sharing how to fold the US Flag, which are being sent to the Troops.
  • This is how all photo sessions seems to end.  And start.
  • The 17 y.o. and his date
  • See notes about photo sessions above. . . 
  • 2016 RV Prom Group 
  • This was the reason she came home in the first place (photo cred:  Girlie)
  • When the second fish, because the first fish seemed lonely, survives the night.
  • Making it work
  • Den Meeting for some wildlife watching at Majestic View Park
  • #CollegeLife vs. lactose intolerance (photo cred:  Girlie)
  • Not a good post to see in my feed the week before finals (photo cred:  Girlie)
  • Sometimes it just seems best not to question (photo cred:  15 y.o.)
  • Again. . .I'm not asking why.  Though these posts tend to increase tenfold when Girlie comes home.  (photo cred:  17 y.o.)
Happy Wednesday,

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