Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Stash Busting

Journaling cards are a fairly new phenomenon in scrapbooking.  Journaling was usually done straight on the page, or a card was created by cutting down scraps and writing on that.  I know, how archaic?  Then pocket pages (i.e. Project Life®) came along and took off and there were cards everywhere:  in sets, in lines, in digital format for your own printing.  I'm not saying they weren't around before pocket pages took off, but they are certainly easier to find now.  And if you're buying a PL set, there are tons in one package.

Like most scrapbooking supplies, I have journaling cards.  A fair amount of them, but they are used more often than not.  It's a journaling card, so I use it that way.  I write on it, slap it down and move on.  I have, on occasion, used it more like a paper block inserted into a grid layout.  But there has to be something more, right?  Well, not as much as you'd think.  Oddly. 

Now these embellish cards (top) may have started off a little more plain than some journaling cards, but I like the idea.  I like adding some pop to them.  The set on the bottom started with printed decoration and more was added to the cards.  In both cases, the cards have more weight, and depending on what you put on them could actually be used as an embellishment, and never even write on them.

This layout uses multiple cards, much like blocks of paper, cut down and used to fill out a grid.  A lot of journaling cards come two-sided.  One side is lined and the other is patterned.  This would be a great way to use up several.

Journaling cards really grew from the need to fill pockets in pocket page albums.  Which is why they now come in a variety of sizes.  

Like I said, I was surprised to not find a lot of ideas on using up extra journaling cards and this layout is another altered-grid way of doing so.  Seeing them trimmed down, just shows that you can use those two-sided version like any other paper you have.

I was hoping to find a mini album created with them, and didn't see one in my searches, but you could totally do that.  Cascade a few of them down one side of a page, use washi to hold them to the page, and put smaller photos, or actual journaling, on them to give you more space - like a flip book of sorts.  Shoot use them as mats for smaller photos.  Or ground a grouping of embellishments.

Have any other ways to use them?

Go.  Create.

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