Wednesday, May 25, 2016

We Are

So, last night - or early this morning - I discovered that there is nothing good on TV at three in the morning.  There wasn't when I was nursing my kids years ago, and there's still nothing when I'm, now, providing moral support, mixed with some hands-on help.  On three hours sleep, I'm treating myself to Starbucks for breakfast.  Screw the trying to eat well today.

  • Final project.  You always start out with high energy.  By the time you're done.  You are so DONE.  With everything!
  • Girls mow lawns.
  • Those exercise programs were created with the energy of a 7 y.o. in mind.  Not an almost 50 year old.
  • Big spiritual month for these boys.  It's the 7 y.o.'s turn.
  • He was so excited for this moment.  The hugs and grins were huge all day.
  • When you find empty picture frames and are about to question the 7 y.o., not only for taking out the pictures but leaving the frames and glass on the chair. . .where people sit. . .only to find your 19 y.o. is the culprit.
  • When you find your dog doing this, for like 15 minutes straight
  • And upon inspection you find this. . .that sucker was the size of a quarter.  I kid you not!
  • This is what 3:27 am looks like.  Completed three hours before it was due.
Happy Wednesday,

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