Wednesday, May 11, 2016

We Are

  • When you watch a movie you now know the ending of, but left that detail out when you were talking with your mom about.  You're welcome, love Mom.
  • Finals be like.
  • When you parents find out how many assignments and projects are missing/due, there's only two weeks left until the end of the year, and your GPA is in the gutter.
  • Go, buddy.  
  • Final - 12 laps.  Three miles.  45 minutes.
  • Got the dapper dressing down.  Needed to make time for the "hair flow."
  • May Crowning, 2016
  • A 5k isn't gonna quite be the training for the upcoming half marathon.  But it was a good time.  #BetterThanNothing
  • When you've been grounded from the xBox and your computer, but your parents forgot you have an old iPod.
  • The "stare" makes it hard to concentrate.  Translation:  you have the blanket.  You're on the couch.  She wants you to move over so she can sleep next to you.
  • My Mother's Day present.  I love her creativity.  It also made for a great conversation piece at brunch.
  • Girlie and Grandma
  • Getting down to the business of year-end projects.
Happy Wednesday,

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