Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Stash Busting

I love doilies, but really have no idea why - maybe because they're just dainty and pretty.  And now they come in more than just white (or gold)!  Though they are still, mostly round, there are smaller sizes, too.  And, like most, I hate to say, nontraditional items in my stash, I either don't use them, or don't have a unique take for them.  Doilies are no different.  I did a quick "doily scrapbook" search on Pinterest, and a Google search for Doodlebug Doilies (because they make the colored variety,) and found some fun ideas.

This layout has instructions in the link - and uses doilies that wer halved.  So gather up all those sitting in a nice lacy stack and get to work.  If you use white doilies, you could ink the edges to help them stand out on the layers.

Okay, this little lamb doily is way too cute.  I know she's on a card, but she could totally move her grove to a baby layout for a boy or a girl.  

I have to say, I would never have thought of using punches on a doily.  But I saw these butterflies, which aren't punched through a doily (I originally thought they were), but thought they could be, to get a pretty effect.  Simple shapes would probably work best, because more intricate punches could catch on the edges of a doily.

Now, you could totally create a banner, heaven knows the Apron Strings kits are good for home dec pieces.  However, this appealed for a couple reasons.  One, the doilies could be folded over the top, bottom or side of a layout.  Two, the doilies are layered with patterned paper and embellished.  Three, doilies could be cut down (or use the smaller ones) to create a similar, but smaller banner to drape across the page(s).

The basic layered doilie layout.  You can stretch what you have by halving the doilies and layering them with cut circles in varying sizes.  You could also mix the layout with stenciled doilies (see below.)

I do have to say, I have used a doily as a stencil. I used it with a mist, but you could dab it with paint, ink, or even a crayon.

It's only because we have a family wedding coming up, that this dress caught my eye.  Fun on a layout for a wedding, or even prom - using a colored doily.

Now this is how I typically use a doily on a layout.  It just goes behind something, but it works.  Cut it in half to create a visually bigger circle.

Go. Create.

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