Wednesday, May 4, 2016

We Are

There's a crap ton of stuff heading our way, but I seem to be moving in slow motion about it all.  Except for yesterday, when I put almost 200 miles on my car.  And I wasn't driving to a vacation.

There's Mother's Day (which I spaced out.)  Finals.  A race.  May Crowning.  Communion.  Confirmation.  An AP test.  Staying on one kid's back to get all his school work in.  Speeches.  Story boards.  Moving people back home.  A half marathon (to cheer for, someone else will do the running.) Crazy.  Unfazed.  I'm not sure if I should worry.

  • When you need some time with the testosterone in your life.  #TooMuchEstrogen
  • When it's a good thing your sister has running clothes to borrow for 80's Workout Day during A Week Without Hate
  • When stumbling across photos of chubby faces makes you realize the clock is running
  • When you start digging into what you want as your life's work
  • When you have no words. . .
Happy Wednesday,

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