Wednesday, September 21, 2016

We Are

We are having a hot spell . . . or were. . . Monday and Tuesday with temps at or above 90.  Summer always overstays its welcome here.  Today, though, as I opened curtains and blinds there was more gold in the trees and a scattering of fallen leaves in the street.  Fall is here and it won't be a long one, unfortunately!

  • Finished up a weather unit by being weathermen and predicting the weather based on previous patterns the kids tracked.
  • When there's a lot of laughing, A.  LOT. of laughing, in some far corner of the house, it must be a new SnapChat filter.
  • A meet that was nice and close to home and had him shaving a minute off his previous run.
  • Birthday number Eight for this one.
  • The birthday boy and Granny holding a most prized gift
  • Two of the three Birthday 'palooza participants
  • Creating.  This time in watercolor
  • Colorado Evenings
  • The first of two meets this week.  This one, the course was challenging.  The weather was hot and humid.  It knocked the stuffing out of some finishers. . .literally.  Probably the only time that there is some gratitude (if you can call running seven miles a day something to be thankful for) that your school sits on a hill and any way you and your team do training runs you're going to be running hills.  Thanks to those hilly runs, this dude finished strong.
Happy Wednesday,

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