Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weekend Plans

It's the unofficial start to Summer. School, for most kids, is wrapping up in the next week or two. Temperatures are heatin' up. Vacation plans are being hatched. Long, hot days aren't far away. Neither is BBQ'ing to keep the heat out of the kitchen and semi-cool evenings on the porch listening for the ice cream man. And if you're dish-obsessed (see previous post) I switch out my Spring set for my Summer set. (Oddly, love my summer dishes, hate the summer.)

Yep, Memorial Day weekend means summertime isn't far off. How do you spend your holiday weekend? With family and BBQ? With flowers and memories for a trip to a cemetary? With photos and kits for some scrapbooking? Or is it just another weekend with a bonus day off? For us, if the weather holds, we'll spend it at a soccer tournament with two of our boys; two boys, six games (inital games) two days equals fun, right? Fun. And if I'm really lucky, maybe some time (and inspiration) to scrapbook. We'll see.

On another note, a big TOOT goes out to one of our own, Michelle Houghton, who is teaching a class over at Debbie Hodge's site, Get It Scrapped. "Oodles of Doodles" registration is open now. Class starts June 15th and it looks like a super fun class. If you were a participant at NYC Scraps and miss it, or are looking for a place with great classes and a gentle nudge to try something new -- this is your place. Michelle is an awesome scrapbooker and I know her class will be terrific. Besides, in this day when saving a little helps a lot, how can you go wrong by using a pen, thread and/or hand cutting, with Michelle's tutelage, to add great (and inexpensive) pizazz to your pages! The class has downloads so there's no reason to let this chance slip on by.

Have a great weekend, no matter how you spend it. Look for Sneaks coming up next week!


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