Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Great Weekend!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend! The weather here was wonderful, finally, and today we are looking straight in the face of 90 degrees or better. 'Course by the end of the week we'll be looking at rain and 60's. Which is totally fine by me, I hate the hot weather, so it can hold off as long as possible. I think we need a huge round of applause for our Sous Chef team, they did an absolutely fantastic job this weekend in challenging and inspiring us! Thank you ladies, thank you!! If you didn't get a chance to hop around to all their blogs, I highly recommend the tour. Their work is phenomenal and you'd be hard pressed to not leave a blog with your fingers just wanting to dig into your kits and photos. Because a teething baby interrupted. . .well. . .everything I had planned yesterday, I'm hoping for a tiny reprieve today. I had started this post yesterday, so I'll continue and finish it today because we have important things to do -- announce winners! One from each Friday, Saturday and Sunday, as well as the Blog Hop. So without further ado (and because I think he might actually be asleep, but for how long only God knows) we have the following winners: On Friday we had two great sketch challenges, one from Maria (to kick things off) and one from Amy C. (the first ever sketch she shared :)). We also had the "Outdoorsy" challenge from Kristi and Jennifer's recipe challenge. Our winner for Friday -- Molly! Molly since you're an Apron Strings member you can look for your Cookie Jar Treat in your next shipment. Congrats!! Saturday we enjoyed another great round of challenges, starting with Louisa-May's cutout challenge, Tammi's very cleaver ASD challenge, and Jana's Traditional Spin challenge. Interspersed during the day was Vickilyn's Photo Hunt; loved it! (I'll post my photos later today.) So, Saturday's winner is: Natalie! Natalie, as you are also a member, you too can look for your goodies in your next shipment. Nice work! Sunday we wrapped up the weekend with Gloria's "Lift" challenge, Vicky K.'s Fruit Punch (I liked the title and what it meant) and finished up with Anita's 'Tis the Season challenge. Our final daily winner is: Briel -- congrats on all the great pages you did, too! You can also find your low-fat, guilt-free Treat in your next shipment! Again, I can't say enough how fun and different all the challenges were. I know some of you got a tremendous amount of pages done and hope that those of you who took part at home were equally successful in completed pages. I need to switch computers to post the Hop winners -- be back for those :)



Natalie said...

Woohoo!! You know I love treats! And even without a treat, I had fun with the challenges this weekend and definitely got a lot done. Thanks!!

Briel said...

Yeah! I just read this and I'm so excited. This is an added bonus because I already had so much fun doing the challenge. Thanks everyone! Briel