Saturday, May 16, 2009

Treasure Hunt #7

Only one more to go after this one - are you ready????

This hour I want to see:


Yes, you read that correctly - again - no cleaning allowed. You know how the saying goes - everything but the kitchen sink. Well, this time, I want the sink.

Here's mine:

Not too clean, but not too messy either! My husband did the dishes early last night, so there are a few dirties in there.

Okay - only one left! Remember - if you're jumping in now - please refer back to the original Treasure Hunt post - which you can CLICK HERE to get to. Also, make sure you are posting your pictures on whatever post asked for that particular item!

I will be back in an hour with the last one!


Amy C said...

Here is my kitchen sink....and no I did not clean it just before the pic. ;)

Briel said...

DH just did the dishes! Yeah! Also, love the cool rounded/large sink. You could bathe a small child here.

Natalie said...

Not to bad for us!