Monday, May 4, 2009

I hope you had a great weekend, that Spring is starting to "stick" in your neck of the woods and that you might have been lucky enough to do something for National Scrapbook Day, whether it was at a local store, something on line or you just managed to take some time at home to "do it yourself." If scrapbooking is something you do for you, it always feels good to get in some time for yourself; even if it's only a few minutes between loads of laundry. Life is certainly hectic for everyone, so it's nice to have an Apron Strings kit to help you save some of that precious time. I always try to do some pre-planning for an upcoming kit -- even if all I do is run through scenarios in my head of pictures or layouts I could do with certain papers. Like the Pink Paislee Fetching line. It has a sort of urban feel to it with the distressed look and its color palette feels more boy than girl. So while my first thought is to do a layout with one of the boys in it -- maybe spring soccer (heaven knows I have enough photos and their uniforms are blue, so the papers would really help them pop), I can't help but think about something else outdoors. The leaf border on the one paper has me thinking about a trip to the park, camping photos and even a trip to the pumpkin patch with the boys scouts from a couple years ago (yes, I have uncropped photos from two years ago). I also have some photos from our trip to Lake Michigan last summer where the kids are digging giant holes in the sand outside our hotel room, that might be great with these papers. The orange and blue have sort of a "hot summer day feel," and if I can't make the leaves work, I just cover them over with other page elements or I simply cut the paper to use the middle and save the leaves for cards from my scraps. Not bad, in a matter of just a couple minutes I have a few ideas in my head for these papers. A few minutes of time for myself albeit in my head, and let's face it, as a mom it's about the only place I can be completely alone! Next time I'm down near my photos I just need to grab the ones I'm thinking of and put them with my kit and I'll be good to go. Are you planning for your May kits? Lori


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