Friday, May 29, 2009


WooHoo! Last day of school here. Okay, though, one question -- why is it harder to get the kids up and out the door on the last day than it is on the first?? Alright, so two questions -- what is up with going to school on the last day for two and half hours? Seriously.

Nonetheless, at 10:30 this morning they are officially on summer break. Let the whining, being bored and picking on each other begin, because when they come at me with that, well let's just say, "Let the chores begin!" Because I have a list of things to hand them when they get going at each other my hope is to get my house in order, get back into creating pages and relaxing!! No sports, no homework, no running -- wheeeeee.

Speaking of vacation, check out the page that Kathy created with the Jenni Bowlin line. She sent this to me right after I posted about wishing I had gone cherry picking when we were in Michigan. Fun for her, she did and those pictures were the perfect thing for the Jenni Bowlin papers (the cherries they brought back to the hotel were delish!).


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