Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Need a Little Eye Candy?

Anticipation is a great thing isn't it? And waiting for your monthly kit falls in that category. You've seen the preview of the papers in the Newsletter, then the 25th rolls around and you get a complete Sneak (your mind starts turning with the possibilities.) The 9th gets here and you've been billed (your fingers start to itch), the 12th arrives and you get your shipping notice (the stalking begins) and finally a few days later that little red, white and blue box is seen propped against your front door and your heart races like a kid's on Christmas. You can barely contain yourself as you hunt for a quiet space, just for yourself, so that you can rip into that box and dump out all the goodies inside. As you pull out the goodies from the bag, you find they are even better in person and your hand involuntarily runs over the papers and embellishments. You take a fulfilled deep sigh. In that moment, life is good. Then a child has discovered your hiding spot and begins bagging on the door to tell you about what their sibling has done now. Aanndd we're back to reality. So, today, a let's build that anticipation a little more by giving you a sneak of the All Year Cheer Card Kit, with a sample from Amy Duff. Amy has created seven (yes, seven) cards to delight you -- all with full-color instructions. In the May kit, there's a "Secret," if you can "Keeper" and it's totally adorable! Look for another eye-treat coming soon. Lori


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Laura Williams said...

what a cute card!!! :) can't wait to see all SEVEN!!!