Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Because I Said I Would

I really did do the Photo Treasure Hunt. My daughter helped me, she thought it was really fun and kept coming up with multiple things, but I had to rein her in to just one. I'll probably use most of them for my Project 365, too. I have to say I fell a bit behind and missed a couple of days during the last week or two, so these will be fun things to include and fill in the blanks.

So, here we go

Ugliest thing? This horrific chair that took the brunt of my foster dachshund's separation issues. He is my brother-in-law's dog that we took care of while the BIL was in Iraq. To say the dog had separation issues would be putting it mildly. The chair took the worst of it, but that's not to say he didn't take his "sadness" out on the rest of the living room furniture. It looks better when I flip the cushion over and the "debate" still rages on whether to replace or recover, which is why it's still in the house.

My middle son, Tom, sort of doing what I asked. The kids wanted to sleep in the family room, so this is him "taking a break" from straightening up. He at least has his sleeping bag rolled up and his pillows together. I can't say the same for two of his other siblings.

Please note, my scrap space is "decorated" with scrapbooking things. However, the desk is filled with work-related objects; invoices, notes, sales receipts. If we excavate down a ways, below the layer of work stuff we find the corner a cutting mat and a random circle cutter, proof that at one time, not long ago, there was scrapbooking done on this site. Sadly this is the only scrap-related residue we could locate on our hunt. :(

This is one my daughter helped me with. My first thought was I love Basset Hounds, so I have little figurines, a daily calendar and odds and ends around the house with their images. I told my daughter I wasn't "obsessed with them" but they were something I collected, but I couldn't think of anything else. She then went behind me and opened my cupboard doors, thus revealing my true obsession -- dishes. It's true, I am obsessed with them. I can't explain it really, but I love dishes. The new Pfaltzgraff catalog will get my heart racing and I need to have quiet time to browse through the catalog. I have, I think, six sets; one for each season (which get rotated regularly), my good china and my "outdoor" dishes when we either picnic or eat on the back patio (these I want to replace this year.) We won't count the number of sets I've had, and sold to finance a new version.

It's black, lots of pockets for organizing, which feeds my need to be so and very large. Good for carrying magazines to practices and baby paraphernalia when I don't want to lug around a diaper bag too! I think I need a more Spring-y one though.

The projects I've created lately are rare, unless you count school projects and cookies. But this is about the only "scrapbooking" I'm doing these days - my Project 365. Unfortunately, this page is from two weeks ago and you can clearly see the week isn't even complete. I have the photos, it's just a matter of printing them. Note to self - do it!

I did not clean it before the photo -- it usually is pretty good looking during the day. Catch it after dinner and it looks different. Oddly, nothing is ever in the sink, the people in this family stack the dishes on any available counter space. What's up with that?

And finally, my front door. It used to be a gorgeous shade of cranberry, but we have an HOA -- 'nuf said. But it does have a little pumpkin sitting there wondering what Mommy's doing now!

I love this little break during the weekend and I'd love to do it again! Thanks, Vicki!



Vickilyn said...

I still think my lamp is uglier than your chair!! LOL

Lori said...

I don't want to be unkind, but you might be correct :)