Friday, October 30, 2009

5 on Friday

Well, it's still Friday and my clock says 8:35. PM. That's the unfortunate part -- but Friday is Friday and there's a 5 on Friday to kick off. Must be the kids heading back to school has thrown me off. Or maybe I just plain forgot. So, below are your ingredients to work with for today:
  • 1 sheet brown cardstock
  • 1 sheet patterned paper with swirl/vine pattern
  • 1 acrylic item
  • 1 set of brads
  • 1 length of ribbon

Outside of any journaling and a title, only the above ingredients are allowed. Because of my lateness with this challenge, and the fact that tomorrow is Halloween, this is due to be linked up by Sunday evening.

Have a great evening and a fun Halloween!



Molly said...

5 on Friday rocks!!! Another page done. The 'Best Friends' part of my title is my acrylic part. The brads are little blue flowers. As usual I am a slacker with the journaling, but I will be journaling in white on the brown paper under the picture. Here is my page:

LindaR said...

I had to dig hard to find acrylic for my page. Other than journaling cards, this circle was all I could find. But, it jumpstarted my page. The blessing of time with my grown kids is what I wanted to do with these pics.

Nitasha said...

Here's my 5 on Friday layout...Actually scrapped first Halloween page tonight!! Oh not from 2009, but 2008! LOL! Fun to be limited to only 5 ingredients- makes me dust the cobwebs off my imagination!