Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Croptober-fest Sketch Challenge

It was a lovely weather day here yesterday, mostly sunny, comfortable and I got a marginal amount of things done. So between the two it was a pretty good day. I do, though, have two baskets of overflowing laundry sitting beside me waiting to be folded and I need to rotate out one more load before I head up to bed. Today looks to be a cooler day (change is coming) with an ortho appointment and soccer practices - if the weather holds, but basically another stay-at-home-mom day with cooking and cleaning, with some Apron Strings work thrown in for good measure. On the surface, if the baby cooperates, it seems like it will be a light enough day and an opportunity to maybe get in some cropping time. That's definitely a day for a sketch. When I saw this one on Nuts About Sketch, I really liked that it was on the bias. If you need some inspiration, there's plenty of it on the blog; about halfway down the page, "Week 77."

To be eligible for a Cookie Jar Treat, link up your layout in the comment section by Thursday evening.

Hope your day is a quiet one and you get to enjoy a feeling of accomplishment.



LindaR said...

Great sketch Lori for a quick LO. I'll be surprised if this works. I've set up a blog. Hopefully here's the link to my LO.

Rebecca K. said...

awesome sketch!! here's my first one :-) hoping to do lots more