Friday, October 9, 2009


Hopefully your fingers are limbered up, your photos are stacked at your elbow, adhesive has been stocked up on and your kits are at the ready, because it's crop time!! WooHoo! It's going to be a great weekend of challenges, a game or two and prizes to be had. The first challenge will be issued in just a little bit, but here are just a few things to note:
  1. The crop officially runs today, Friday October 9th, starting with the first Challenge at 2:00 pm and ends on Sunday, October 11th, with the final challenge late in the afternoon.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, all layouts will be due by Tuesday morning, October 13th.
  3. This crop is running concurrently on the Yahoo Group. As there is some overlap of followers here and members there, I ask that you post your layouts to only one or the other. If you start linking your layouts here, please do so for all the challenges. If you start by uploading to the album on the Group, do the same. It'll just make it eaiser to award prizes if there's no duplication of entries.
  4. There will be one overall prize to the person who completes all, or the most, challenges from the weekend. In case of a tie, will be used to select a winner. Here's an example of a super-deluxe Cookie Jar Treat. This particular treat was awarded during the Chillin' Winter Challenges earlier this year.
  5. Other Cookie Jar Treats will be awarded during the weekend and will be noted in the post when that challenge or contest is Cookie Jar Treat-eligible.
  6. Have fun. Complete page. Have more fun. Complete more pages.

That's it! Let's have one heck of a weekend.



Rebecca K. said...

question... do we get more than one entry for doing more than one of the same layout? (yeah, um, SERIOUSLY wishful thinking, but you never know!!)

Rebecca K. said...

UGG, i meant more than one of the same CHALLENGE!!