Thursday, October 29, 2009

Snow Day, Part Deux

We knew last night that we would be home bound again. After about 12" yesterday they were calling for another 5-8" today, and judging from the backyard, I'd say we have that. The kids were thrilled. Then my daughter realized she'd be missing her dance lessons for their Halloween dance at school and making sandwiches for the soup kitchen. My younger son realized he'd be missing a field trip. Then it got worse when they realized that school might be closed on Friday and they'd all miss Halloween festivities. Truly horrifying! But they're managing to make the best of it -- enjoying a non-Sunday "big breakfast," sledding in the front yard, building a huge igloo in the back and my daughter is being a total couch potato. It's too bad the 1 y.o. is a total pill!!!! OMGoodnes, he's going to drive me insane. The whining is still ringing in my ears and he's been in bed for 20 minutes. You'd never know it, looking at these winter land pictures, but the boys started their igloo yesterday (the top two photos - though you can't see the igloo) and had taken all the snow from the lawn, down to the green grass. They had even taken the snow from the back patio. The bottom two show you what it looks like today -- no sign of missing snow. As much as I love snow and being home bound, there is something to be said about constant clean-up. Holy man, they just move from one mess to another. Summer wasn't that long ago, but how quickly I've forgotten. Or maybe it's just lack of mental prep. You know, you have a heads up for Christmas break and Summer break. You can gear up to it. But a snow day just hits you square in the face like a snowball. Oh, well, what're ya gonna do?

So, for all of us snow bums, the Little Witch is here to dole out a Treat without doing anything, except following along. I love those kinds of Treats. Congratulations to . . . lundgren79! Send me ( your shipping information and I'll get something in the mail to you.

Alrighty, then, back to cleaning after people and maybe a few peace-filled moments. I hope.



Charlene said...

Aww I hope they don't miss the festivities! That snow looks like snow much fun! Makes me wish I lived in a snow area. :)

Charlene said...

Do they have pumpkins in the snow??? ;)