Sunday, October 11, 2009


Time for a break in the action and play a little game for a chance to win a Cookie Jar Treat. The goal is to unscramble these 20 words, which are scrapbook related of course, and when you are done just email them to me at: You have until Tuesday morning to email me your answers for a chance to win. So, let the unscrambling beging. 1....2.....3....and go. 1. cbnookrsapig 2. uonsttb 3. wlrsoef 4. rapep 5. csssrosi 6. lgue 7. bbionr 8. akcrosdct 9. ipdhcaorb 10. iAnnrSrpogst 11. rusnbo 12. rktsceis 13. lrajnniogu 14. ohostp 15. tapmrrreemip 16. isectud 17. lritget 18. arsbd 19. syetele 20. prco Good luck! Bessie

1 comment:

Charlene said...

I am stuck on a couple LOL! :) I'll get it though...eventually!