Friday, October 9, 2009

Holy Schmoly, it's a crop!

Taking a little license from Kevin Bacon in Footloose -- "LET'S CROOOPPPP!!" Hey, I've already said I'm a child of the 80's! What do you expect? :D So, kicking of this weekend's crop is a fan favorite -- a Sketch Challenge. This one, comes from Nuts About Sketches (Thank You, Shawn). Click here if you need a jumping-off place for this sketch.

Now, all crop challenges will be due on Tuesday morning, October 13th (unless otherwise specified). So, add your link for this challenge in the comment section of this post by Tuesday morning.



JeniJ said...

I'm actually getting stuff done this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

Molly said...

Here we go. This is the first one I finished. I loved this sketch..will probably use it again!!

Rebecca K. said...

AWESOME sketch! here's mine