Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Big Plans . . . a Little Trouble

Picture the scene: My husband has taken our two older boys out to Kansas to do some end-of-season fishing; the only lake they had serious success on all year. My daughter has plans to have a friend sleepover. The baby, who missed a nap and didn't sleep the best for the one he did take, will be heading to bed early. Chipolte for dinner, aka no clean up. Home to settle in for the night, baby is bathed and in bed. Daughter and friend are quietly playing Rock Band -- two difficult things to do; play Rock Band quietly and be two 7th grade girls playing Rock Band quietly. By 9:00 it is just me and my scrapbooking supplies. I begin working on a layout I had started a couple weeks ago, which happened to also work for a layout that I needed to do for a Big Picture class I am taking. I'm getting into the groove around 10:00 when my youngest can be heard over the monitor. NOOOOO! I give him a second to quiet himself, but I realize pretty quickly this is not going to happen. Let's just say that at 12:30, the dream and euphoria are long forgotten as I stagger down the hall to put him in his own room, only to be waken at some dark point in the early morning to bring him back to my room, where we sleep until 7:00. He greets me with smiles and happy chatter. I decide to blow off most of my Saturday chores and play. In the end I finished the layout, seen below and catch myself up on my class, which included embellishing the class binder. Now I just need to do this week's. I'm feeling pretty good.

Hopefully, you're feeling pretty good, too, in taking on the couple of challenges so far this month. I'll be heading to the comments to see who did what and announce a winner later . . . baby isn't quite himself today and needs me. Photobucket

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