Wednesday, October 6, 2010

CROPTOBERFEST - Sketches on Wednesday

Figured since yesterday I called this Croptoberfest, I better put it in the name of the post.  It's a truly October day today, which actually makes me ache to do crafty-nesty-type things.  It's cloudy, cool (I suspect as I haven't opened a door to the outside), the leaves are changing, there's a sprinkling of gold and purple colored leaves on the lawn and there's a breeze that will grab a few more ready-to-go leaves and drag them through the air.  Dang I love days like these!  Makes me want to play hooky REALLY BAD!!  Even Matty is subdued for now, though I don't expect that to last.

I can be anal at times.  Okay, fine, a lot.  Just ask any family member. . .a-type personality and controlling.  Such a great mix for my husband and kids to have to live with, don't you think?  Anyway, a few months ago I watched the movie "Julie & Julia" and loved it.  It was a two hour long cooking show (which I love), woven with a back story (love that), which just happened to be a romance - totally love it.  So I was all over this movie.  I caught the end of it last night which made me wonder about the blog she kept.  Yes.  I went, looked and found it and am now reading it from the very beginning.  Hey, I can't read a book that's part of a series without starting at the beginning either.  She's pretty funny.  And the blog - well, let's just say they've come A LONG way in the seven years since she wrote hers (which is no longer active.)  And yes, the book is on my Christmas list.

So that you can get cookin' today, here's your challenge and your recipe, brought to you by Shawn over at Nuts About Sketches.  I love her stuff and sometimes the sketch on top is the one I go with, even after searching through the archives.  Need a little boost in the inspiration area, check out what her designers did with the sketch. 

This layout, along with others from this week will be due Sunday evening.  Remember it's Croptoberfest - so there will be weekly goodies and then overall goodies awarded.  And that little witch from last year will pop in and make some follower's day - if you aren't following or have friends who aren't now's the time to join.  You could win just because you're a follower!

I'm off to do some work, instead of screwing around.  Have a great Wednesday.


Deanna said...

That's a great 2-page sketch! It's on my to-do list!

Deanna said...

Added my link, "Giggle & Fun"! My scanner sure didn't like that little ruffled flower on the right page!