Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Monday's Post on Tuesday

So, yeah, I missed the Monday post on Monday.  It was just one of those days where time seemed to be someplace else.

It was a long and busy weekend, most of which was spent outdoors.  The soccer tournament for my 2nd son was Saturday and Sunday, and outside of sleeping that's where we spent our weekend - at the soccer fields.  No, wait, I did sleep at the soccer fields.  I was trying to get the toddler to nap and I was the one who fell asleep.  My 2nd son and his team lost all three games.  When I looked at the standings Sunday morning to see what our chances were, I can't say I was too sorry to see we would not be moving into the semi-rounds; one of the great soccer-mom dilemmas - the desire to see your child win vs. your own deep desire to leave the fields and baking hot sun.  My daughter also started her volleyball season on Sunday, with a double-header.  They also lost both matches.  But it's early for her and their team has not played together as a team.  A not-so-great weekend from a game stand point, but what's a soccer/volleyball mom to do.  You just rally everyone for the next weekend - which both games are home, at the same fields at the same time.  The jumping and celebrating may be heard in far away states.  Funny how something so small can bring such pleasure.

Speaking of small and pleasurable, we have today's challenge - the first for October, which I'm thinking of playing a little "Croptoberfest" again this year.  Nothing too intense, just some fun stuff here and there.  A grand prize.  That little witch will come back and draw some names.  I have some great My Mind's Eye Halloween paper packs that I'm sure someone out there would enjoy.  Anyone?  Anyone?

Today, a little "Inspired by. . ."  I was watching my toddler wandering around in his dinosaur pajamas the other day, all baggy and saggy and, frankly, very comfy looking and thought that would make a good challenge.  So in honor of my son's dinosaur pajamas, create a layout that's inspired by them - the colors are browns, creams and greens (both moss and evergreen) and a touch of golds, with little dinosaurs all over them.  They are long-sleeved and soft cotton.  And if I was a good challenge-issuer, I'd have a photo, but the description will have to work. So, based on that, what will inspire you?  Step out of the box, instead of the colors will something about the long sleeves inspire you?  A boy theme?  A comfy theme?  I can't wait to see.

Layouts for this are due by Sunday, October 10th.

Now, for the winner from last week:  Briel!  You know the drill ;)  Speaking of Briel, you need to go check out her blog HERE and the "School Book" she's creating.  Her's is not the typical view, from the Parent of the Student, or the Student's perspective, but from the Educator's perspective.  She has a great layout planned, that can certainly be adapted to any view.  But it would also make a meaningful gift for the teachers in your children's lives - just leave out the photos.  Her layouts are clean and the memorabilia she's including is fun and with her plan in place it's a quick and easy project.  Nice job, Briel and thanks for sharing it.

There's some fun stuff  posted from last week.  If you haven't looked, go check out the thumbnails and then be sure to play along yourself for this week's goodies, which will also enter you into the Octoberfest drawings. 


Briel said...

Yeah! I'm a winner :) Thanks Lori for the kind words. It really means a lot. As you all know, sometimes it feels like you are creating in your house by yourself, and wondering if it's interesting at all! I obviously need to get to a crop.

Deanna said...

Congrats Briel! Lori sounds like a VERY busy weekend! Don't know how you do it all! Great challenge with the colors and all!

Deanna said...

Added my link above, "So Much Fun". Thanks for the challenge, Lori!