Wednesday, September 14, 2011

4 Sketches, 20 Days #10

Cold.  Cloudy.  Waiting on the rain.  Hopefully it'll start raining in the next couple hours and cancel soccer practice, LOL. 

Good day so far, though not nearly as productive as yesterday, which I capped off by cleaning the oven.  No, instead it was MOPS, which included a craft - fun and searching for a lost car after - no so fun.  But as a result little else has happened.  So I'm getting started now.

You can get started, or keep being, productive with today's challenge regarding this week's sketch.  Hmmm . . .what to do today with it.  Ah! Today add two more photos to the layout- how you do that is up to you, whether you flat out add two more or you work them into a space occupied by one.

I'm off to think up dinner - I have chicken tenders thawing, watch for that rain and a few other things on my to-do list that I'd rather not carry over to tomorrow's list.

Happy Wednesday.

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Deanna said...

Added my link and details are on my blog...

"Just Add Water"