Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 Sketches, 20 Days #20

Seriously, why can't I count or notate properly?  What is this the second time I've mis-numbered challenges?  Dang.  I noticed it yesterday and then some changed on our network made doing almost anything on the internet impossible.  I don't worry about the "why" because I married a tech-nerd.

I have no idea where today went - I got up, I got dressed, I got the trash to the curb, the 3 y.o. dressed and the dishwasher half emptied before I left for MOPS.  I remember coming home.  Now I look outside and it's dark.  Dark!  I vaguely remember boys and server training, soccer for someone in this house, homecoming week for my daughter, and another son and three of his buddies running around being loud and filming a commercial at the house.  At some point I apparently cooked dinner, because I just cleaned it up.  The 3 y.o.  is in bed so I must have gotten him undressed, bathed and in bed.  And now here I am, the dog gnawing on something she probably shouldn't be, the hubby and the 12 y.o. editing upstairs, two other kids in bed - or they're supposed to be (uh, I hear footsteps, someone's not in bed) and it's 10:45 PM.  I missed a whole day.

So, luckily you have until the weekend to get these challenges posted (and I've added the missing links to the previous posts.)  Today take the right side of the top sketch and turn it 90 degrees and pair it with the left side of the bottom sketch.

Alrighty. . .well, I have piles of things to do and the witching hour is closer than it should be.

Happy Wednesday (almost Thursday, dangit.)

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