Thursday, September 8, 2011

4 Sketches, 20 Days #6

It was grey and rainy all day yesterday; I loved every minute of it.  Too bad orders from the sale, billing and shipping has me running around in the depths of my office and store room; it was the perfect day for scrapbooking!  Today is sunny and clear, crisp - fabulous!

A quick THANK YOU to everyone who shopped the Big Fall Sale.  I hope you've filled up your cupboard for the long winter ahead, saved a little cash and are inspired to play.  I have October product rolling in and oh-my!  I am itching to get started selecting all the new goodies for November kits!

I was reading a past post from Allison Davis' blog - if you haven't checked out her blog and her fantastic sketches YOU HAVE TO.  (Plus she's a multi-photo scrapper - a girl after my own heart!)  She has self-published several volumes of her sketch work and has a class Sketch Support that starts September 20th. I've seen a copy of one of her books in person it was awesome! Anyway, she was saying what I've thought for a loonnnggg time - sketches are not a cop-out; you're not less creative or original if you use them.  They're a springboard, use as much or as little of a sketch as you want.  They give you a great blueprint for where to put your photos, if nothing else, to save you an hour or more shoving photos around on your paper.  THAT is what this month's challenge series is all about:  Using your Apron Strings kits (if you have them) and a sketch to get pages completed.

Today's challenge, using our sketch o'the week is:  replace at least two smaller photos for a larger one.

Go, be creative.

Happy Thursday.


Deanna said...

Added my link, "Snow Day"

I replaced the 2 smaller photos on the right with a 5x7.

Been enjoying all the different challenges, Lori!

Patchi said...

I just realized that I completely misread the challenge... Here is my LO, perfect for opposite day:

Jessica Navarro said...

Loved this sketch and the challenge. I replaced the 5x7 with (2)4x6 photos and trimmed them down. Thanks for the inspiration!

Charlene said...

Ugh I'm bummed! :( I was out of town so I couldn't play this past week. Love the sketches tho!