Friday, September 16, 2011

4 Sketches, 20 Days #12

Three years ago I was getting my first good less-goo look at my newest son - who was supposed to be a girl.  My husband was on the phone telling his parents to bring the kids down after school to see their newest sibling and recounting our, no kidding, running out of gas on the way to the hospital, which was still a good 30 minutes away and contractions were 3 minutes apart.  This was not so funny in the dash, or rather coasting into a gas station and sitting through several contractions to fill the car.  Seriously, we were out of gas.  Thank God the gas station at the bottom of the hill, off the highway, was a right hand turn and we had enough momentum to get us up into the driveway.  There was some humor in it, sort of, once I was settled into my hospital bed.  The past three years have been a little bumpy with our newest, colic-ridden, head-strong, stubborn fourth child.  But he's an amazing, funny, smart little boy who completes our family in a way I wouldn't have thought when I found out, unexpectedly, that we were expecting another baby.

Happy Birthday to our Matty!  You're going to do great things one day, I know it.  Mostly because you won't take "no" from us, so I don't see why anyone else is going to be able to stop you!

Now, if I actually was creating a page for my little 3 year old (who doesn't have a single layout to his name, nor does he appear in any other one) I might, no would certainly, use the sketch from this week to do so.  Today, rotate the right side 90 degrees to the left, but otherwise keep the sketch the same.  All layouts from this week are due the evening of September 18th.

I was filling out some online forms today and had to check the age box and realized that tomorrow I'll be graduating to the next tired age box.  Obviously I've since passed many age boxes and their tiers, this is the first year I've actually noticed it.  Maybe I just need some mood-altering chocolate cake and sprinkles.  We'll see, it's a standard weekend with soccer for us, so the day won't be anything too special in that regards - maybe that's a good thing.

Hope your weekend is a great one, filled with cooler weather and some chocolate and sprinkles.

Happy Friday.


jengd said...

Happy birthday to you both!

Cj said...

I missed 4 more pages! ugh...I'm not good at time management! Although I was babysitting my niece. Hey! My brother's name is Matt (but we called him Matty every since he was little) and he named his son Matty too :) Loved your out of gas story!

Deanna said...

aawww....he's so precious! Happy Birthday!