Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4 Sketches, 20 Days #19

It's Sneaky Peek day for the October kits.  If you aren't already a member - you really need to join!  You've seen how much people are getting done - that could be you! 

Did you know -
  • Autoship membership has no time commitment to meet?
  • Members have the ability to flip or make a substitution for their monthly kits? (some restrictions apply)
  • Members aren't penalized for skipping a kit?
  • Members get their add-on orders shipped without incurring additional shipping with their monthly kits.
  • There's inspiration galore, because kits should be used. . .not stashed!
  • And BEST of all - autoship membership is budget-friendly.  Both you and your significant other will smile - you because you get all kinds of new yummy goodness and your significant other because you're staying within budget!
Don't keep putting it off. . .come join us!

Today use the left side of the top sketch as is and combine it with the left side - turned upside down - of the bottom sketch, which will become the right side page.

Chores are done, yet there's plenty to do.

Happy Tuesday!

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