Thursday, September 22, 2011

4 Sketches, 20 Days #16

Today I'm blessed to recall another birth-story.  This time of my former youngest child, who was my quickest labor at just three and a half hours.  Who was the fastest delivery, with just one push (sorry, but there's no better way to say it.)  Who I had the guts to watch being born.  Who was delivered by his father (with the OB's help.)  Who loves hearing his birth-story because he was the fastest then and continues to take pride in being the fastest still.  Who who at 5:30 this morning turned 11!  11. . .seems like yesterday I found him laying on the top stair, where he'd fallen asleep while playing with trains, or on the arm of the couch like a tiger in a tree, while watching Blues Clues.  My Jackson is truly unique - from his gung-ho attitude about anything and everything that catches his fancy - look out to the girl he wants to make his wife - to the way his mind works.  You were, and are, my cuddliest child with "I love yous" and hugs whenever the mood strikes you.  I miss your virtual hugs when I drop you off at school.  I love you Jo-Jo, Happiest of Birthdays - you are truly one of a kind.

You know sometimes the hardest part of this month's challenge isn't coming up with how to change the sketch, it's which sketch I used and where I put it on my computer.  Usually by Thursday I've got it down.  Before I forget, I think I posted on Monday these layouts were due on the 24th, I meant the 25th - all the InLinkz are correct though.  Anyway, today use one side of the sketch and because the photos are mounted on a large block, tilt the block on the diagonal.

I'm off to do a little shopping for the birthday boy and try and decide if I should take him out for a quick lunch at his favorite place. . McD's since soccer and volleyball will fill our evening until 8:00 pm tonight which makes going for his favorite dinner as a family impossible.

Happy Thursday.

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