Monday, September 26, 2011

4 Sketches, 20 Days #18

AARRRGGUUHHH!  Isn't that what Charlie Brown says whenever Lucy pulls the football away?  That's the way my day felt after oh. . . .10:00 am.  Which is pretty early to have that feeling.  Whatcha gonna do?

The weekend.  I don't know.  Was there one?  Oh, yeah, we had soccer with a tie and a loss.  We had gorgeous pre-Indian Summer weather.  We had a lot of trying to get things done, but just didn't get there.  Again. . .whatcha gonna do?

So this is the last week of 4 Sketches/20 Days. We're gonna mix things up. Literally.  (And we're gonna see how good my memory is for where I stored these sketches.)  Here are two sketches that we've used. Today combine the left side of the top sketch with the right side of the bottom sketch.

I've got to go be mom-the-engineer and build a train track that will be played with for 10 minutes, but with much appreciation and enthusiasm.

Happy Monday (night)!

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