Monday, October 31, 2011

Croptober #13

Happy Halloween!!!

I'm sitting here waiting to hear the cessation of noise coming from the 3 y.o.'s room that signifies he's taking his pre-trick-or-treating nap.  So far. . .not so much the quiet.

Next to Christmas, this is probably one of my most favorite nights of the year.  I love all the little goblins that come to my door, I love listening to all the kids' voices echoing in the streets, I love seeing families wandering around and the excitement of the littlest ghouls jumping and skipping as they move around the neighborhood, and I love the flicker of candles and the decorated porches of the houses nearby. 

This year will be a little bittersweet, as I initiate another trick-or-treater to the thrill of the hunt, I think my group shots will be getting thinner and thinner.  This year may be one of the last a couple of my older kids will dress-up.  They've himed-and-hawed about it for a couple weeks.  Ultimately, I think my daughter will join up with a couple friends and semi-thoughtful costumes to collect candy and my older son will dress up more to take the 3 y.o. around than get candy (though I'm sure he'll go out with bag in hand.)  This is just the beginning of such changes coming for my family.  Up next, Santa.  Is he or isn't he?

Today is the last of the embellishment challenges known as Croptober.  Today, find a kit with a little bling, a journal card, ribbon and some chipboard.  Remember group smaller items to keep them from floating off like a Halloween Ghost, odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye and layer when possible.  Due date for this final layout is Wednesday evening.

Ah. . .is it?  Could it be?  Silence.  I'd better run to my next task while it appears to be so.

Happy All Hallows Eve!

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